UNFCCC COP25 conference

Assessing climate transition risk and scaling up climate investments – Conference , with Univ. of Zurich, ClimateWorks and the EC JRC

The 32nd Annual EAEPE Conference 2020

European Association for Evolutionary Political Economy (EAEPE) annual conference, 2-4 September 2020, Bilbao (SP) – The Evolution of Capitalist Structures: Uncertainty, Inequality, and Climate Crisis

GreenFin on the Sustainable Finance conference 2020

Prof. Monasterolo will present the results, which show that the type of green policy financing affects the timing and magnitude of the transition yet with potential unintended effects. In contrast, policy complementarities could help to tame potential trade-offs on macroeconomic performance, financial stability, and inequality.

Assessing climate risks in investors’ portfolios: a journey through climate stress-testing

The original article is published on the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment) website, by Irene Monasterolo, Assistant Professor of Climate Economics and Finance, Vienna University of Economics and Business. Climate change represents a new source of risk for finance, thus challenging traditional stress-testing approaches. We present a consolidated climate stress-test methodology, which introduces climate uncertainty and complexity…