GreenFin academic and non academics publications​

Publications in peer-reviewed journals

1. Monasterolo, I. (2020). Embedding Finance in the Macroeconomics of Climate Change:

Research Challenges and Opportunities Ahead. CESIfo Forum, 4/2020, p.25-33.

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Financial Stability in a Stock-Flow Consistent approach. Forth. on Journal of Financial Stability,

available at:

4. Hafner, S., Anger-Kraavi, A., Monasterolo, I., Jones, A. (2020). Emergence of New Economics

Energy Transition Models: A Review. Ecological Economics, 177, 106779 

Working papers

5. Battiston, S., Monasterolo, I. (2020). On the dependence of investor’s probability of default on

climate transition scenarios. Working paper,

6. Bressan, G.M, Monasterolo, I., Battiston, S. (2020). Reducing climate transition risk in central

banks’ asset purchasing programs. Working paper,

7. Battiston, S., Monasterolo, I. (2020). The Climate spread of sovereign and corporate bonds.

8. Battiston, S., Monasterolo, I., van Rujiven B., Riahi, K. (2020). Climate mitigation pathways

need to account for the ambivalent role of finance. Working paper, review and resubmit at


Chapters in books

9. Battiston, S., Billio, M., and Monasterolo, I. (2020). Pandemics, climate and public finance: how to strengthen socio-economic resilience across policy domains. In: A New World Post COVID-19 Lessons for Business, the Finance Industry and Policy Makers, edited by Monica Billio and

Simone Varotto, Edizioni Ca’ Foscari, pag. 259-268. ISBN [ebook] 978-88-6969-442-4 | ISBN

[print] 978-88-6969-443-1

Technical and policy reports

1. Monasterolo, I., Volz, U. (2020). Addressing climate-related financial risks and overcoming

barriers to scaling up sustainable investments. G20 Saudi Arabia: T20’s Task Force 2 “Climate

Change and Environment” 2020.

2. Battiston, S., Guth, M., Monasterolo, I., Nuerdorfer, B., Pointner, W. (2020). The exposure of

Austrian banks to climate-related transition risk. In: Austrian National Bank’s Financial Stability

Report 2020.

3. Monasterolo I., Battiston S. (2020). Assessing forward-looking climate risks in financial

portfolios: a science-based approach for investors and supervisors. NGFS Occasional Papers Case

Studies of Environmental Risk Analysis Methodologies. Published on 09/10/2020; 616 pages.

4. Monasterolo, I., Battiston, S. (2020). Pricing forward-looking climate risks in financial contracts.

In: Report of the Joint JRC – EBA workshop on Banking Regulation and Sustainability.


Blogposts and articles

5. Monasterolo, I., ea. “Klimawandel gefährdet finanzielle Stabilität”. Der Standard (15/02/2021).

6. Monasterolo, I. “Assessing climate risks in investors’ portfolios: a journey through climate

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